Catherine Gracey

Living Life, One Misadventure At A Time.

Zynga Detox: Day 22

on March 23, 2012

Today marks three full weeks since I decided to cut Facebook games out of my life. It was stressful to go through each game, delete it from my wall, delete all pending game requests, and then block each one. I felt miserable doing it.

Within minutes, Facebook began to advertise the games I had just blocked. I was stunned. I am not a fan of being flooded with ads that are irrelevant to my life, but to have these ads replaced with something I have told Facebook to keep away from me was crazy. I responded by blocking the advertisements for every game, not just the ones I had been playing.

When I got the first message from a friend asking me to reinstall my games, my natural sense of belligerence kicked in and it was easy to say no. I stopped being annoyed at Facebook, stopped being annoyed with Zynga, and stopped remembering why I enjoyed the games so much. Any lingering addiction was gone.

I have noticed that I already have days where I do not use Facebook at all. Without the game posts I can typically read my news feed in a few minutes, and there is little I feel compelled to action. If I get behind on reading it, I do not struggle to catch up again.

My attention has turned towards educational blogs, online lectures, and instructional websites. I have substituted being entertained with doing something entertaining. I like it.

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