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Living Life, One Misadventure At A Time.

But if I Don’t Chase That Duck It Will Have to Submit a Tax Return

on July 11, 2012

Sometimes I have dreams that are a little too vivid. They usually happen when I get too warm in my sleep. If I am lucky I wake up and can cool myself before they go too far into crazy land.

Last night I woke myself up when I kicked my partner. I remember being confused about what had just happened to my leg. There are hazy recollections about babbling something to him about my dreams, and perfectly clear recollections of him being far more awake than I was. I can’t imagine why.

He managed to get me to go back to sleep – brave man – and the dreams slid back into crazy land.

I used to dread these nights of excessive mental imagery. So many bizarre ideas are thrown to my consciousness, and when I wake properly in the morning I often feel as if I have barely slept. There have been many mornings of resisting what I dreamed about, feeling tense and stressed as a result of my nocturnal thoughts.

This morning was different. When I got over the shock of my final set of dreams, I began to wonder instead if this was my unconscious mind trying to help me with my writing. As the fragments of the dream shifted in my mind I realised that, yes, there was a good story here to be told.

It has not been a recent event over the last few years that I wake up, write out a story, and immediately like it. Normally I am so critical of my work that it takes me several days to admit that something was not pure trash. I am also bemused to note that the story length was naturally what I needed to produce for a particular publication that I want to submit to.

There have been so many of these strange dream sequences over recent months that I wonder if this has been my way of telling myself to do different work. How many of these chaotic dreams were the start of an attempt to broaden my writing?

Next time I have one of these nights I intent to repeat the sorting process, and see if another story easily emerges. If it was that easy once, it should be again. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t deliberately overheat myself. Domestic violence charges are so clichéd B grade celebrity, and I don’t want to have to sleep on the couch.

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