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Launching Catherine Asks 11 Questions

on August 24, 2012

If I met my fate tomorrow, and someone needed to write my eulogy, I can think of a few traits they might list about me: great metabolism, unhealthy obsession with shoes, dry sense of humour. Front and centre I can think of one trait that not many would cite: born networker.

I’m always impressed by people who can put themselves out there and make new contacts. I’m dazzled by people who need to buy new business cards because they have run out and not because their details have changed.

And then I feel a bit depressed about them.

There is a common line in the modern world: “I am looking for networking opportunities”. Really? Because I’m looking to get through the event without vomiting on someone’s shoes or hiding in the bathroom until someone asks if I’m ok. Sure, I’m interested, but what I frequently consider a healthy terror gets in the way.

I decided this week during a sugar-fuelled surge of confidence that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and start getting in touch with more of the people that I apparently should be trying to network with.

This is the problem with internet access, being a hard worker (another point for the eulogy) and having too much sugar (most likely the reason for the eulogy); I can come up with an idea, create the website, create the structure, and advertise it to 500+ people before the “what am I doing?!” realisation kicks in.

Yesterday my new blog launched within a few days of the idea. It is an interview site, with 11 set questions. My idea was to see how the answers vary between industry, career positioning, nationality, etc. The questions were chosen because they are interesting to me, and things I would not often dare to ask a stranger.

Ignoring the issue of interview participants who have spent longer complaining about the questions than answering them, I have one very early and obvious issue to resolve: my lack of participants. In order to feature people on my blog, we have to know about each other. There is the possibility of talking to friends of friends, but this is a finite resource.

If my new blog is to survive, I need to get out there and talk to people. My early results have been mixed, but they have provided me with one point of clarity: other artists are just as nervous about networking as I am. Not helpful, but very reassuring. At least now I come armed with a conversation starter. Hopefully at the end of this I will also have a few contacts who might be interested in hearing that eulogy when it needs to be written.

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