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Sexy And It Knew It

on September 12, 2012

In the tourist guide for Berlin is the statement that the city would rather be poor and sexy than rich and impotent. When I read that I had to laugh, because it is so true of the Berlin that I remember from a few years ago.

Walking around Berlin this week, I can sense a change in the city. It is subtle, small, and hard to identify, but it has been bothering me. I am undoubtedly seeing a different part of Berlin than I saw several years ago, but vague comments from friends that Berlin had changed over recent years kept me working away at this mental puzzle. Had Berlin really changed, or had I?

As I was stepping out of the U-Bahn, overwhelmed by advertisements desperately pushing the sexy claims, I suddenly hit on the problem. Yes, I have changed, but so has Berlin.

The Berlin that I remember and immediately fell in love with was not a place that advertised. It was a place that was gritty, real, and plagued with issues that it seemed to be ignoring because it was too busy doing its own thing. The Berlin that I am seeing now is so self conscious that any residual irreverent attitude has been difficult to track down.

Sexy doesn’t need to advertise. Sexy knows you know, and it knows that you know that it knows, and that is already too much analysis because sexy has probably lost interest by now and wandered off to do its own thing. Sexy doesn’t need to advertise because it doesn’t care – that’s what makes it sexy in the first place.

Think about the people in your life, and picture them at their sexiest. Are they standing there posing in contrived outfits and working it for the camera, or are they so filled with life that you find yourself wishing you could share a tiny bit of whatever they’ve got? I know that when I think of the sexiest moments of my loves ones, I always remember those times when they were absorbed in something that gave them passion, positive energy, and a sense of fun. That might be in front of the camera for some, but they are a small minority.

I have two more days here before I go home, and I hope that I will be able to find that gritty, real Berlin, hidden underneath the wealthy impotence of the people who have jumped on the bandwagon in the hopes that it will make them sexy too.

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