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The Start of my Thirties

on December 10, 2012

Last week I wrote a recap of the goals I wanted to achieve before my 30th birthday. I’m pleased with the results, but my birthday is also when I set my new year resolutions. By setting them now, in early December, I give myself a few weeks to plan how I will do things before the new calendar year starts. I can practice trying to form the habit, and quietly hide any early failures and restarts from other people.

Obviously, this blog post is my potentially humiliating way of destroying that little cheat.

I decided that 30 is going to be an ambitious year for me. While I accomplished the goals I had for my 20s, they were also disrupted repeatedly by my misguided belief that other people were automatically correct about my limitations. Some of my goals were revised in ways that ultimately proved to be unhelpful, and I carry a lot of regret about not listening to my own instincts. After a lot of reflection, I have decided that I would rather fail at one goal but succeed at twenty than fail at nothing but only succeed at two things.

With that in mind, I have decided to do the following before my next birthday:

  • Tell anyone who belittles my dreams where to go. I can demoralise myself perfectly well without assistance from negative people.
  • Submit a novel to a publisher or an agent. I would have said get it accepted but, given some of the delays in publishing, that would be unrealistic.
  • Finish writing two full length books. “Finish” is a keyword here; I consider finished to be as polished as I can make it with the help of my beta readers and editors, not just a first draft.
  • Regain the physical strength I had in my early 20s. Given where I was two years ago, I am about half way to achieving this goal, which sounds like a great time to step it up.
  • Balance my budget. This was impossible to do for a long time due to the sheer number of medical expenses I had, but those days are hopefully behind me now.
  • Wear pretty things. I spend a lot of my time home alone or at the gym, and the beautiful clothes in my wardrobe rarely see the light of day. I used to dress up for myself, and it’s a habit I want to resume.

There are other goals forming in my mind, but many of them are goals for my 35th or 40th birthdays. Some of the goals for my 31st birthday are stepping stones to achieving the bigger vision, but I am happy with them as goals in their own right.

Now to figure out how to turn all of that into reality.

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