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Tasmania 2013

on February 25, 2013

Several hours before my offer to study Architecture at UC came in, my boyfriend convinced me that we needed to spend a week in Tasmania. The timing probably could have been worse, but I’m not sure how. Unfortunately the flights were already booked and paid for, the rental car was already booked and paid for, and I felt a bit committed to the trip. Uni would have to wait.

We began our holiday by flying into Launceston. I had convinced myself that it would be larger than it was, and it seemed even smaller since most of the shops were closed on Sunday. After a walk through the city we decided to continue on, and saw several of Tasmania’s largest towns in a single day. Most of them were also closed.

In the afternoon we drove through the mountains. My boyfriend is obsessed with them, and he was thrilled that I suggested the route. After a few relaxed hours of driving, we ended up in Strahan. It is a tiny village hidden away on the west coast. The scenery is magnificent, and outside the main tourist season it was quiet and relaxing.

After our stay in Strahan we drove through the mountains to Hobart. Compared to the deserted Sunday streets of the other places we had been to, Hobart was a refreshing source of activity. We decided to use it as a base, and made day trips to anywhere else on the island that we wanted to see.

This was the first holiday we have taken together where we spent time relaxing, reading, and generally doing the things we aren’t chilled out enough to do at home. I did a bit of work on assignments, sketching potential models while looking out over the ocean or nibbling at an indulgent breakfast. He developed a new obsession with Harry Potter.

I know that I probably should have spent the week in classes and finding research materials, but there was something magical about watching the Tasmanian devils squabbling over dinner and stopping the car so that an echidna could cross the road. These are experiences that I could never have by cramming and living my life at a hectic pace. There is always time to read another journal article, but I wonder how long these animals will be easily seen in the places where we saw them. Some things just shouldn’t be put off until a later date.

3 responses to “Tasmania 2013

  1. Mandi M. Lynch, author says:

    …Just throwing this out there, but… My best friend didn’t go to the *only* place in Australia I don’t have postcards from and not get me one, did she?

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