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The First New Pieces

I was at the local supermarket, telling myself what an amazing domestic goddess I am for even walking in the door, when I spotted it. It was magnificent. It was desirable. It was more than I dreamed possible. It was a vision, a promise that there could be more in my life than what currently filled it. It said “hey baby, think of the statement you will make with me by your side.” It filled me with delight. It begged me to caress it, to hold it in my arms, to never let it part from me.

It was a shredder. And it was pink. Pink!

Naturally I had to have it.

When I arrived in Canberra I decided that I wanted a proper home office, filled with sensational working tools, a professional library, a fancy desk, and gadgets galore. The sort of home office that makes the tax return full of deductions. It would be so impressive it would even depreciate over several years, rather than the usual twenty minutes.

I have spent weeks sketching out what I want to have. Research has been conducted. I’ve considered the best brands and models of the various things I want to incorporate. I’ve been to stores and tested out components. I’ve examined prices, calculated a budget, and been thoroughly proud of myself for being so calm and considered about the whole process. Until I saw the shredder, it was going to plan.

Did I mention that it is pink?

Perhaps pink shredders are common place for other people. Perhaps I have in fact been living under the rock I have long suspected I live under. Perhaps pink shredders were such a common thing several years ago that they have once again gone out of fashion, and this one is a relic from a time best forgotten. I don’t care. My shredder and I are in love, and no one can convince me to go with a standard black one now.

As I pushed my trolley around, contemplating the best way to feature my pink shredder in the office design, I came across a group of laminators. Ooh. I’m disappointed that none of them were pink, because that would have turned pure win into epic win, but they did have an A3 laminator. By buying that, I practically have to buy the big A3 printer that I want to buy. My laminator would be ridiculous otherwise, and I had to buy the laminator or my pink shredder might have become lonely. And I couldn’t have that.

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